400 Lumens


At 400 lumens with 10 hours of burn time, the high intensity LED and incredible battery life of the SL4 eLED (L1) will give you the light you need at work or at play.

With its compact size and narrow penetrating beam, this secondary dive light tops the charts for international dive travel or can be used in a variety of industrial, fire or utility applications that require a lot of light, along with complete waterproof reliability.

Lumens: 400
Burn Time: 10 hours
Beam Distance: 622 ft
Batteries: 4 x C Included
Waterproof: 500 ft
Size: 6.2" x 1.5" x 1.7"

Part Number:
80121  SL4 eLED, Black
80122  SL4 eLED, Safety Yellow

3391    Leather Belt Pouch for SL4
26063  Wrist Lanyard
80505  Replacement eLED Module

NEW - Ultra Violet options available! See the reef like never before!


  • The 395 wavelength is almost invisible to the naked eye, so no yellow filter is needed
  • Brings out incredible colours and intricate details of marine life
  • Offered in both SL4 & Aqualite Pro

Part Number:
80118  SL4 eLED UV-395, Black

80506  SL4 eLED Module Head Only UV-395


  • Some animals have a stronger reaction to this wavelength than they do with the 395.
  • Yellow filters are usually needed to cut back on the excess blue light and all the fluorescent colours to come through

Part Number:
80117  SL4 eLED UV-455, Blue

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