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26002  Dive Regulator Mouth Piece, Black

26013  Hose Protector For Hose, Black
Fits standard 1/2 inch hoses. Internal ribs allow water drainage to prevent corrosion of underlying metal coupling.

26022  Mask Strap (Trimline) Black - Size: 0.75" x 20.25"
26032  Mask Strap (Standard) Black - Size: 0.9" x 20.5"
This replacement mask strap fits most the large volume older style masks. Split band design provides maximum comfort.

26062  Fin Strap, Black - Size: 16" x 1"
This universal style fin strap can be used as a replacement for most scuba fins. Heel tab for easy on and off. Resists cracking due to ozone and aging.

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