575 High / 200 Low


The classic C4 primary dive light has received a major upgrade in this L2 model, increasing the lumen output up to 575 lumens.

UK's innovative optics system now concentrates 89% of the total lumens of the light into the center of the beam, reducing backscatter and greatly improving beam brightness. Typical lights only focus about 40% of their lumens in the center beam, meaning much of the lumen output is lost as stray light.

It now features a tough composite body, that will not corrode, a new tough rubber bezel protects against impacts and lumen booster technology improves LED efficiency by pulling heat away from the LED's.

Lumens: 575 high / 200 low
Burn Time: 5 hrs high / 19 hrs low
Batteries: 8 x C Included
Waterproof: 500 ft

Part Numbers:
19056  C4 eLED with alkaline batteries, Yellow
19057  C4 eLED with alkaline batteries, Black

19954  Rechargeable NiMH Battery pack
19955  Charger

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