Perfect for keeping UK lights at the ready on your belt.

Part Numbers:
3392Z  Heavy duty leather belt pouch to fit all UK4AA or UK3AA.
3394    Leather belt pouch to fit UK2AA eLED Z2
14816  Nylon belt pouch to fit all UK4AA or UK3AA.
15803  Nylon belt pouch to fit Nitex Pro or UK2AA eLED Z2.

Attach our bright orange wand to the 4AA eLED CPO, 4AA Xenon or Nitex Pro for a traffic directing solution. It is lightweight and bright, providing an effective method for emergency signaling in any condition. Our wand is also unique in that it renders a red filtered beam from an opening at the top, allowing you maximum precision when directing traffic.

Part Numbers:
14877  Traffic Wand, Orange, to fit all 2AA, 4AA Xenon, 4AA CPO, 4AA Herculite, 4AA Surefoot, 4AA RFL & Nitex
14884  Traffic Wand, Orange, to fit 3AA CPO & 4AA Zoom

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