1200 Lumens


Aqualite Pro 100º & Pro 20º

  • Rotary Power knob with 4 power settings plus S.O.S feature
  • Smooth wide angle beam (100º) ideal for photo & video with wide angle camera lenses & GoPro®
  • Corrosion resistant HYDRALUM (TM) Lamp Head
  • Includes 1 rechargeable 3400 mAH Lithium Ion Battery (user replaceable)
  • Charge with included charger, cable and wall adapter
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • NEW - Ultra Violet lamp head available! See the reef like never before!

Lamp: eLED
Lumens: 1,200 High / 680 Low
Burn Time: 100% 1.1 hr / 60% 2.2 hr / 40% 3.3 hr / 25% 12 hr
Batteries: Rechargeable Lithium-ion
Waterproof: 500 ft
Size: 5" x 1.5" x 1.5"

Part Numbers:

12430 Aqualite Pro 100º (1200 lumens)
Includes; fixed, rotary & ball arm adapters, charger, lithium-ion battery & travel grip.

12434 Aqualite Pro 20º (700 lumens)
Includes; hand rubber mount, charger & lithium-ion battery.

12442 Aqualite Pro Duo Lighting Kit with Aqualite Pro 100°'s x 2
Includes; chargers x 2, lithium-ion batteries x 2, flexgrip & universal camera tray

12847  Lamp Module, Pro 20º Narrow Beam
12864  Lamp Module, UV-395 Lamp Head NEW - Ultra Violet option
12865  Lamp Module, Pro 100º Wide Beam

12861 - Flex Grip
Is a fully adjustable GoPro camera stabilizer and video arm. Its textured grip is an ergonomic build that feels comfortable in the hand even for long periods of filming. The video arm can be extended and adjusted for an unbelievable selection of different angles for full coverage.

12862 - Aqualite Hands-Free Mount
Compatible with all Aqualite models, the lights snap easily and quickly in and out of the wrist mount. Durable rubber strap that can be adjusted to the wearer's preferences. See the light where you point your hand and leave your hands free for other tasks.

12863 - Universal Camera Mount
When used with the Flex Grip and an Aqualite, this lightweight camera tray becomes part of a versatile shooting system. The tray will accommodate GoPro® cameras with the use of a GoPro® tripod mount (not included) as well as other small underwater cameras via the 1/4-20 mount. Size: 2.5 ”x 7.5” x 3”

12854  Knob & Nut Kit

12866  Lithium Ion (3400 mAH) Battery for Pro Series only

12873 - Adapter Kit
The Aqualite Photo Adapter Kit consists of a ball arm adapter, swivel mount and a fixed GoPro mount. Get the most use out of the Aqualite photo/video light by using the adapter kit. The ball arm adapter integrates with ball joint style photo arms. The swivel mount and fixed mount work with UKPro's Flex Grip and standard GoPro style mounts.

12874 - Travel Grip
The Aqualite Travel Grip is a collapsible camera grip that can hold a camera with up to 2 Aqualite Pro Photo/Video lights. GoPro style mount on the top of the handle can hold an Aqualite as a keylight, and is fully adjustable for the best direction of light. Perfect for GoPro and any other compact underwater camera. It collapses down to a tiny 6.5" x  2.5" x 1.5" when not in use. This makes it perfect for travel or any time you need to conserve space. When collapsed, it will easily slide into a backpack, a laptop bag, or even your pocket. 

For more accessories, check out the UKPro.

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