Stay a safe distance from your subjects with this neutral buoyancy camera pole designed specifically for divers. Add Aqualite Pro light(s) along with a GoPro camera for a cost effective and fun underwater camera rig. 

  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Pole extends to 40" and collapses down to 14"
  • Works with any model of Aqualite (Aqualites sold separately)
  • Works with all GoPro Cameras
  • Neutral buoyancy foam keeps pole lightweight and easy to hold
  • Lanyard included

Part Numbers:
12447  Aqualite Dive Pole (Kit 1) holds 1 Aqualite and one GoPro Camera
12448  Aqualite Dive Pole (Kit 2) holds 2 Aqualites and one GoPro Camera
12449  Aqualite Dive Pole (Kit 4) holds 4 Aqualites and one GoPro Camera

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