The Aqualite S-90 Rechargeable has been replaced by the Aqualite Pro Series.

12868  Lamp Module, 20º Narrow Beam (S Series)
12803  Lithium Ion Battery for Aqualite S Series
12861  Flex Grip
12862  Rubber Hand Mount
12863  Universal Camera Tray
12854  Knob & Nut Kit
12873  Adapter Kit

NEW - Ultra Violet option available! See the reef like never before!


  • The 395 wavelength is almost invisible to the naked eye, so no yellow filter is needed
  • Brings out incredible colors and intricate details of marine life
  • Offered in both SL4 & Aqualite

This waterproof ultraviolet diving light will make certain marine life fluoresce in beautiful colours when shined on them. Take it with you for unforgettable glo-diving experiences, or use as a great effect for photo or video while diving.

12864  Lamp Module, UV-395 Lamp Head NEW - Ultra Violet option



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